NÜ’s ambition is to make Tulum visitors discover the richness of the modern Mexican cuisine and ingredients, in an inventive manner. It celebrates a contemporary cuisine in which ingredients are sourced locally and dishes are handcrafted.

NÜ is run by a team of 7 exceptionally talented chefs from Mexico City, led by young Chef Cesar Castañeda (previously Dulce Patria, Oca, Candela Romero y Condesa DF - elected as one of Mexico’s 10 best Chefs under 30 by Gourmet Magazine). When leaving Mexico City to start this adventure, the team got their arm tattooed with a heptagon symbolizing the spiritual bond between them and their dream to create their own restaurant in the remote jungle of Tulum.

NÜ (25).jpg

 This tattoo then became our logo, and we are very proud of it.