NÜ Tulum is the story of 7 chefs.

More than a team, a brotherhood that left Mexico City to follow their dream to open a restaurant in the remote jungle of Tulum.

NÜ Tulum's logo is more than an graphic creation, it is a heptagon that symbolizes the strong bond between Chef Cesar Castañeda and his team of 6 young cooks. It is a human adventure of passion for food creation, strong work and friendship experience. When they decided to take up this challenge and all move together to Tulum, Cesar and his team all got this Heptagon tattoo - we chose to use it as the logo for NÜ to honor their dedication.

NÜ's creations are simple, tasty, honest and humble. The goal is to make Tulum visitors discover the richness of the modern Mexican cuisine and ingredients, in a creative manner. The name NÜ appeared as obvious as we were trying to find ways to express this strong bond, union, circle of trust that we believe are the essence of a successful Restaurant.




Carretera Tulum  Bocapaila Km 8.7, Tulum, Quintana Roo
Mexico, Zip: 77780


Opening Hours

Everyday 6;30–10:30pm

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Cesar Castañeda

Cesar’s first encounter with  gastronomy was at a young age, when he saw a French cuisine cookbook; when he discovered the subtlety of the dishes contained in that edition, he directly knew he wanted to dedicate his life to be a Chef.

Cesar enjoys every part of his life in the kitchen, his profession makes him proud, and every detail of it is valuable to him. This professional vision was transmitted to him when he started his learning with Matteo Salas (Aperi in San Miguel de Allende), with whom he has always had a close relationship. His values and respect for gastronomy have developed during their time at the restaurant Oca and Dulce Patria in Mexico City.

After being the Executive Chef of Condesa DF,  Cesar along with his team of 6 young talented chefs decided to move to Tulum to open NÜ where they express their vision of Mexican gastronomy. "I want to constantly reinvent myself, I always want to be surprised, in Tulum I found a home where everything has flowed naturally and organically, I feel very happy to be able to share my version of Mexico in this happy period of my life".



MEXICO   ZIP: 77780